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The Best New Indie Music - Independent Artists to Follow in 2024

Updated: Feb 28

In the ever-shifting landscape of the indie music scene independent artists continue to forge their own paths. What these artists lack in the resources and connections that come with being signed to a major record label, they more than make up for in hard work, community spirit and sheer creativity.

As many independent artists will tell you, there are advantages to remaining unsigned.  Without the constant pressure to sell records and earn enough to cover an advance, these artists are free to explore and develop their own unique voices.  These artists are pushing the boundaries of what indie music can be and creating their own sonic worlds.

And don’t think that because these artists are unsigned, the production quality or talent is lacking. Some of today’s best new indie music is being made, not in professional studios, but in bedrooms and home studios. It is often being made alongside working a full time job and raising a family.  Some of the most talented musicians in the world practice their art in the few hours they manage to carve out on the weekend. 

The Best New Indie Music

The Best New Indie Music 2024

In case you're not aware, New Artist Spotlight have a whole banquet of playlists for you to feast your ears on. The very best that NAS has to offer, including all the artists on this list, are featured on this playlist:

If you're an independent artist and you're looking for a supportive community to be a part of then you can submit your song here. It's the best thing you can do for your music career.

So without further ado, here are some independent artists who are making some of the best new indie music around.


Ed Eagle

Ed Eagle - The Best New Indie Music 2024

Ed Eagle is a fast-rising vocalist and guitarist from Toronto by way of Pittsburgh. As a solo artist, Eagle has topped the Apple Music charts in 9 countries and made the Top 5 in more than a dozen more, including the UK. He’s also the lead singer of the band 2 Odd Dogs.

Oh, and he's also the founder and mastermind behind a little-known indie music community called New Artist Spotlight.


Eleanor Collides

The Best New Indie Music - Eleanor Collides

Eleanor Collides is the solo project of London based singer-songwriter Nick Ranga. His music blends the colours of slowcore, shoegaze, dreampop, and indie rock to paint a haunting, melancholy picture. Taking inspiration from a diverse range of influences -  including the likes of Low, REM, and Depeche Mode - Nick creates ethereal sonic landscapes that will transport you to introspective realms.

Named after Nick’s childhood imaginary friend, Eleanor Collides started life as a lockdown project in March of 2021. After writing songs for many years Nick finally decided to record them and Eleanor Collides was born!



The Best New Indie Music - DanielTidwell14

Daniel Tidwell (DanielTidwell14) is host of the New Artist Spotlight Top 20 , the indie chart that brings you the latest and greatest from the New Artist Spotlight community. He also puts out an album from time to time. His music crosses many genres from indie rock, alternative and blues to shoegaze, grunge, darkwave, and even some progressive rock thrown in occasionally. He also thinks that's a bit much and says it's because he's easily distracted and not at all 'brand' focused.


Synthetik Blonde

At the intersection of artistry and serious skill you’ll find the Canadian electro pop-rock

duo Synthetik Blonde. Synthesized, sexualized; the electrifying world of Synthetik

Blonde is a hot, wet fusion of powerful pop melodies and dynamic, guitar-driven rock

with the funk that is the best of 70’s and 80’s. Fall captivated by the duo's unique music

with edgy female vocals, infectious hooks, pulsating beats, and powerhouse guitar.

Since 2021, the electrifying duo have been hitting the studio and behind the scenes

hard. Working round the clock, the dynamic

duo has dropped 2 full-length LP’s and

some singles as they prepare to release their third album “Dark Side of Your Love”

(2024). Collaborating with Saskatchewan filmmaker Aaron Sinclair, they recently

produced and debuted their inaugural music video for "Dreams Of You'' from their

"PIECES Album 2023." The video captures a nostalgic 80s melodramatic ambiance,

skillfully narrating a tale of lost love while authentically embracing the robust 80s sound

of the track. Their second album, "Pieces," along with the "Dreams of You'' music video

and the recent hit single "Manic Mind," have made significant waves in Canada and

garnered international attention, earning features in esteemed publications like Tinnitist,

Record World International, Volatile, and Talk About Pop Music.


William Lovitt

The Best New Indie Music - William Lovitt

William Lovitt is an electronic music artist/keyboardist from Chicago who composes and releases music with a happy positive vibe. It’s loaded with synths, hooks, beats and can get funky as hell. He fearlessly crosses genres and recently started collaborating with other NAS artists with lots more collabs on the way


Her Kingdom

The Best New Indie Music - MIK's Reaction

Josephine Conde - A.K.A. Her Kingdom - is a spoken word and rap artist. She is an unorthodox Latina with indigenous roots and a passion for hip-hop culture. A creative visionary and undefined force of nature!

Her music goes against the grain, refusing to be held down by censorship or corrupt society's narrative of what a woman should by force be. She is a distinct and explicit vocalist and songwriter with a no-fear concept. Recently she has added composing instrumentals in all genres to her artistic abilities. She is influenced by life and all music. Her inspiration is securing a legacy for her son.


MIK's Reaction

Australia's finest, MIK's Reaction has been writing songs since he was 12. His songs - filled with his own brand of humour and brutal honesty - are his reactions to the world around him. MIK is not afraid to tackle huge topics like love, religion and the world's many injustices. He also loves to collaborate and has worked with many musicians, from NAS and beyond.


Dorian Whisper

The Best New Indie Music - Dorian Whisper

Singer-Songwriter Dorian Whisper, who grew up in Rotterdam, Holland, has been composing most of his songs on the guitar, while the lyrics reflect experiences and memories from places where he lived and worked. Dorian Whisper's pop and rock compositions carry a blend of his various musical interests (e.g. Queen, Santana, Sting, Pink Floyd, Joe Jackson), but also influences from jazz and bossa-nova may be recognized.

Dorian Whisper's debut EP As Long as You Want was released in March 2020 and was followed by several successful singles such as Brand New Day and Fate Cut Another Ribbon (honouring rock drummer Taylor Hawkins). Dorian Whisper sings and plays the guitars on all tracks and plays keys, bass and drums on his own songs since 2022.


Andres Guazzelli

Andres Guazzelli - The Best New Indie Music 2024

Andres Guazzelli is an Argentinian musician, vocalist, audio engineer and record producer. He earned a college degree in Audio Engineering, Music Production & Audio Post-Production for Film while continuing his studies in Music Theory, Harmony and Baroque Composing.

A classically-trained musician, Andres combines heavy orchestral work with the edginess and modern textures of progressive rock and the brass-driven dramatic scores from epic films. His music contains strong influences of baroque and classical music, as well as medieval and renaissance music, within the frame of symphonic rock.


Rich Allen

Rich Allen - The Best New Indie Music 2024

Rich Allen is a multi-talented musician, singer, and songwriter based in Tampa, Florida, with over a decade of experience in the industry. Originally from New Jersey, Rich taught himself the guitar before moving to Florida to pursue his music career. His unique sound blends elements of pop, rock, and folk music, showcased in his latest EP, Better luck Next Time. In addition to releasing his own music, Rich collaborates with other artists and advocates for mental health awareness, using his platform to speak openly about his struggles with anxiety and depression. Overall, Rich is known for creating authentic and meaningful music that resonates with listeners, spreading positivity through his talents.



Oghamyst - The Best New Indie Music 2024

In the vibrant tapestry of the global independent music scene, Soumyajit Guha, artistically known as Oghamyst, emerges as a visionary artist originally from Kolkata, India. His unique genre-defying sound, infused with a retro "cassette" vibe, draws inspiration from a diverse array of global pop influences. Oghamyst's passion for collaboration knows no bounds, as he seeks to embark on an adventurous musical journey with multilingual singer-songwriters worldwide.


About New Artist Spotlight

New Artist Spotlight is an international network of music artists devoted to helping new musical talent! We're a grassroots team of hundreds of independent artists from around the world who work together to promote each other through listening to fellow NAS member's music, social media shares, feature interviews, artists reviews, podcasts, a Top 20 list voted on by our artists and announced each month on multiple radio stations, and much, much more. We have playlists on all major platforms including Spotify, iTunes & YouTube - if you’re looking to get your music to a wider audience we’ve got you covered.

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