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Where New Artists Are Discovered

Welcome to New Artist Spotlight!

Glad you found us.

New Artist Spotlight is an international network of music artists devoted to helping new musical talent! We're a grassroots team of hundreds of independent artists from around the world who work together to promote each other through listening to fellow NAS member's music, social media shares, feature interviews, artists reviews, podcasts, a Top 20 list voted on by our artists and announced each month on multiple radio stations, and much, much more. We have playlists on all major platforms including Spotify, iTunes  & YouTube - if you’re looking to get your music to a wider audience we’ve got you covered.

We're also 100% FREE

We believe in power in numbers and working together to improve all our chances of greater exposure and success.

If you are willing to work with others to help us all grow together, contact us for a chance to join our trial playlist, which currently boasts more than 5,000 followers. Once you've been with us for a week, you'll be eligible for our All-Star and genre-specific playlists.

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In joining New Artist Spotlight, you can be interviewed by us in a feature we like to call 10 Questions. This will then be posted on all our social platforms. This can be great to spread the word about yourself and help people get to know you better. Also great for your portfolio!

Every week, our phenomenal hosts Wilko Wilkes and Origin Crxss interview an artist from our community. These interviews allow artists their chance to shine, talking about their music and connecting with their fanbases as well as reaching new fans from across the globe. Watch an episode and you’ll see the amazing platform it could give you!

We asked the legendary producer and writer, Charles Connolly, to join us on the team for his praise in prose. Connolly writes a weekly single review for us and truly has a way with words - have a look at our blog to read them. You could be next in his corner with your music and your artwork!

Have a read of our blog HERE!


Chock-full of interviews by our team, single reviews in

our very own Connolly's Corner and more...

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