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a letter from our Ed

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Dear Artists,

As a new artist putting out his first track on Spotify, I did everything I could to get my friends and family to listen.

After begging them didn’t get the ball rolling for me (huge surprise, right?), I tried targeted ads on social media. Again, not much bang for the buck.

Then I tried to submit my song to playlists and blogs and influencers. I had a bit more luck there; but mostly it was “I like the song but it doesn’t fit my genre exactly.”

So, at this point, what were my options? Even subjectively, I knew it wasn’t because the song sucked. But I had like 50 listeners and less than 100 streams for all of my work.

I decided to recruit other noobs like me to start my own playlist. Unlike others, though, this one would only succeed if everyone promoted each other’s music by streaming the playlist all the way through daily and sharing it on social media.

Through a ton of trial and error, a month later we had 150+ artists from literally around the world and more than 500 followers.

We have a Discord server and mods to help make sure everyone is pulling their weight.

We have also started to branch out into genre-specific playlists curated by the mods from the main playlist that we invite folks who have been active on the main playlist for a week to join.

We even do a top 20 every week voted on by the artists on the playlist, and they get the top 20 spots on the playlist that week behind the curator (me). And if you have been active on the playlist for at least a week, when your new song drops you can reserve the top spot on the playlist.

Oh, and best off all? THE MUSIC IS RIDICULOUSLY GOOD, and about as diverse as possible. It has actually renewed my faith in new music AND inspired me to think about creating my own new music in different ways.

Thanks for reading all the way through. That alone shows that you are willing to put in a bit of time to help share your art with a larger audience, which is why I’m guessing most of us are making music in the first place.




Ed Eagle

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