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Indie Pop and EDM artists to Follow in 2024

Away from the mainstream there is a wealth of talented indie pop and edm artists forging their own paths. With infectious melodies and mesmerizing beats these artists are redefining genres and pushing boundaries.

In this article, we highlight the standout talents in indie pop music and introduce you to the most promising new EDM artists who are shaping the future of the industry. Dive in to discover these exciting artists and add their electrifying sounds to your playlist!

The Best New Indie Pop and EDM Artists

Indie Pop and EDM artists to Follow in 2024

If you’ve never heard of New Artist Spotlight before, allow me to enlighten you. We are a supportive community of artists from around the globe who work together to promote each other’s music. We have a vast range of playlists for you to enjoy, including some of the best indie pop and EDM artists.  

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Blue Scarr

Indie Pop and EDM artists to Follow in 2024 - Blue Scarr

Blue Scarr is an EDM and indie producer from Manchester UK. Having only been releasing music since the beginning of 2023 he has quickly gained a modest following.

He released debut Album Masking in October 2023 which focuses on his own struggles with late diagnosis autism. In 2023 he also teamed up with American Songwriter Ariel Petrie releasing hit single Rectify.

Recent single Underwater with Aimée Britannia has enjoyed unprecedented success, charting in 10 consecutive NAS top 20 charts (as at writing) including back to back number 1s, and is also sat at number 2 in the abreak indie radio chart.



Indie Pop and EDM artists to Follow in 2024 - Shahiem

New and upcoming South African artist Shahiem, is a 22 year old Pop singer, songwriter, producer, and musician with newly released tracks "Low", "Fiesta", "That You Chose Me", "Happiness Begins", Look In Your Eyes", "Do You Know", "Strawberry Lips", "Promise" and also collaboration tracks "Stupid Love" and "MADE IT WORK with talented artists such as, PlayboyDAV and Mimic.

After great success on his debut solo projects "Songs About Her" part 1 and 2, Shahiem releases his newly dance style pop single, "Freaking Out". Having captured the attention of a small, yet growing audience, Shahiem continues to refine and hone his craft, and aims to grow in style, culture, popularity and ultimately remain consistent with his endless love and passion for music.


Paul McCormick

Indie Pop and EDM artists to Follow in 2024 - Paul McCormick

Liverpool-based Paul McCormick's songs combine solid contemporary pop hooks with inspiration from synth legends such as Erasure and Pet Shop Boys. His lyrics are hard-hitting, honest and relatable in how we continue to learn and grow from our own personal experiences and struggles.

After years of building experience through playing guitar and writing songs in rock bands, Paul took the leap to shift gears into electropop music and go solo in 2020. Since then, he has built up a catalogue of cathartic and catchy pop songs, and he continues to write songs that will get stuck in your head and heart.


Khalil (kH)

Indie Pop and EDM artists to Follow in 2024 - Khalil (kH)

Engineer in heart and entrepreneur in head, music has accompanied Khalil (kH) throughout his life. Music has been always an integral part of his daily routine. A childhood spent learning various instruments and playing the songs he heard, led Khalil (kH) to explore DAWs in adulthood, taking his first steps in music production.

Khalil (kH) released his 8 track debut album in January 2024 titled 'Performance Music'.

Khalil (kH) has 10 tracks scheduled for release in 2024, while the work on new music continues.


Elizmi Haze

Indie Pop and EDM artists to Follow in 2024 - Elizmi

Unveiling emotions one note at a time!

Elizmi, found solace in music from an early age.

A versatile independent artist, inspired by the diverse rhythms of the world, has given Elizmi a passionate journey through life so far.

With powerful lyrics, captivating melodies and unforgettable hooks, which defy genre, she aims to inspire, especially young women, just as she was inspired.

 She has earned accolades; such as several songwriting awards, numerous tracks played on the BBC Radio Kent, several number ones on the PR 100 Chart, while gracing other fm radio stations and stages all over the world. Now, having established herself in the UK and Spanish music scene with regular bookings, Elizmi’s passion and dedication are palpable, promising a future filled with captivating performances and soul stirring musical creations.



Indie Pop and EDM artists to Follow in 2024 - ZipZapZop

Multi-genre producer/artist/performer ZipZapZop ov Baltimore, Maryland. Veteran electronic producer from world touring drum n bass duo pH10, minimal techno duo, Socks and Sandals and international commercial/tv/film actor sensation, Clark ov Saturn, Space Trucking Mogul, is back to work in the studio: fusing elements of bass music, acid hop, dubstep, hip hop, drum n bass, dub, techno, minimal, industrial and house into electronic body moving bass heavy dance music.

Vibrating somewhere between Beck, Skrillex & Nine Inch Nails ZipZapZop defies categorization to develop a language, palette and genre all its own. Add trippy visuals & videos to the mix, along with some humor & you are zopped! Also produces/performs with Pill Hill Deans.


Gerardo Guzman

Indie Pop and EDM artistsIndie Pop and EDM artists to Follow in 2024 to Follow in 2024 - Gerardo Guzman

Gerardo Guzman is a composer of electronic music of the Trance and Synthwave genres.

He likes to be inspired to compose grooves with the Mashcine and MPC drum machines as well as the Ableton Live Session Sample Mix.

The compositions in his songs are layered to generate emotional moments when making the transitions of sounds in the instrumental groups

He likes electronic music because of the groove and because it is a means of artistic expression that cannot be politicized and allows him to give emotional variety to music fans.


Darren Burdis

Indie Pop and EDM artists to Follow in 2024 - Darren Burdis

Darren Burdis is a UK based solo singer/songwriter and guitarist from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

If you love melancholic, raw vocals and the sweeping melodies, then you should listen to Darren Burdis, delivering relaxed vocals, floating melodies and introspective lyrics all tied together over a backdrop of shimmering guitar.


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So much amazing indie talent!


I've had the pleasure of enjoying the excellent indie music of each of these fine artists and especially enjoyed the opportunity to get to know more about them and their music. A very informative post to be sure 😎



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