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NAS 10 Questions with Desai

[Interview Number 56]

This time, we get to know Desai. He is a NAS moderator and a key cog in our machine. His brand new track "stuck on the inside" is featured in the New Artist Spotlight Family of Playlists.

Link To New Artist Spotlight Playlists:

Okay, let’s get into the Ten questions for Desai!

𝟭. Where are you from and what is your hobby?

I am from Rockville, Maryland. A suburb of the Washington D.C, USA. I've lived there for all of my life. I have a parakeet named “Greenie”, though I like to say he’s a chicken because he’s afraid of everything.

As for my hobbies, I have quite a few. I have played soccer since I was a little boy, and I now am on a travel team. I also do Model UN, and I love to go hiking and backpacking.

But then, of course, there's music. I write, produce, mix, master, promote, and design cover art for my releases. I'm just a 16 year old kid with a passion for creativity and hope for the future.

𝟮. How did you get into music?

Music for me has been second-nature. When I was a toddler, my mom and I did this class called "Music Together." Basically, parents and their children would go to classes and sing and dance to nursery rhymes.

When I was 5 or so, my parents got me a keyboard for my birthday. To be honest, I don't think I ever touched that keyboard. But now, it's part of my home studio as a MIDI keyboard.

In elementary school, I played the baritone-horn. Some "cool kids" at my school started a "band" called the Rip Ja Hippies. If you ask me the meaning or origin of the name, I wouldn't have the slightest clue. I joined them, because I felt kinda lonely and needed friends. I thought that the kids would actually be serious about playing music, but it was mostly an excuse to fool around and do immature things at each other's houses.

I quit playing the baritone, but did musical theatre to supplement my artistic self.

In the 7th grade at a Boy Scout Campout, my friend Patrick and I organized an impromptu campfire where everyone would sing songs. Looking back on it, it was pretty lame. But, we decided to form a Scout Troop Musical duo. We wrote a few very bad songs with titles like "Statues" and "Don't Be Depressed." That's how I started playing the guitar. I got a guitar teacher and I started learning a little bit so that I could be the band's guitarist.

Unfortunately, nothing came of the band. It never even got a name. Patrick wanted it to be a Boy Scout Troop only band, and also wasn't that serious about it. We had differing musical tastes and lyrical styles. It didn't work well. I quit going to guitar lessons after that because my teacher was slightly creepy and always smelled like cigarettes.

I decided to work on music on my own. I took some of the songs I wrote for this group and released them. That would turn out to be, probably, one of the biggest regrets of my life so far. (See question 7)

𝟯. Who are your biggest influences?

I don't really like to say that I have "influences." However, I do have artists that I listen to that (probably) influence my music. These artists are from all over the genre and year spectrum. I enjoy some of the one-hit wonders of the 80s as well as The Beatles, Journey, and Hall and Oates.

As for music from today, I like the brit-pop of Bastille, the dark-alt of K. Flay, and the Rap/Rnb/Pop styles of Mike Posner. That and NAS artists, of course.

4. What are you goals in the music industry?

Honestly, I view music as a hobby. I take promotion and such seriously, but I know that is isn't really a meaningful life path. I just want to create good music.

If, however, I become the next pop-idol (I can't name names because I'm not into most of the mainstream stuff, it's just too generic), I will reconsider.

5. If you could choose a location to perform at, what would it be?

I haven't really thought about performing live. I do think that the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado is probably one of my top choices. It's open-air feel is unique among large stadiums, and sunsets in the desert are just gorgeous as well. I absolutely recommend you google pictures of it if you haven't already.

6. What is your all-time favorite song?

That depends on the moment. Right now, I have a (really annoying!) ear-worm of the Magician Remix of "I Follow Rivers" by the Swedish Singer Lykke Li. To be honest, I haven't ever heard any of Lykke's other songs, but that tune is just "stuck on the inside" of my head (pun intended).

Ear worms aside, I think that award would probably go to "Gold" by Imagine Dragons.

7. Most embarrassing moment?

When I was 13, I released music under the name "Uelio." The music was just so horrendous. My music definitely ain't perfect now, but almost anything would be better than those tunes.

Seriously, it was really bad. Kids at school bullied me because of my music. I’ve deleted almost all of my recordings from that time in my life.

8. Proudest accomplishment?

I think that "stuck on the inside", the song that released today, is something to be proud of. It's definitely another change in my ever-evolving music style. There is just a monumental difference between my original songs and what I released today (January 15th).

9. What is something about you that might surprise someone who knows you the best?

There are two unique personality traits that I have.

The first of them is that I have a knack for remembering random things. I can remember a random feature of my DAW that I read about a few months ago, even though I will probably never use it. Same goes with facts from Youtube Videos. A few years ago, I actually was one of the highest finishers at the state level of the National Geographic Bee. Ironically, I'm bad at remembering important things.

The second of them is that I love dad jokes. Any time (and I mean ANY time) someone says “I’m doing well”, I have to reply with “Hi there doing well, I’m Samuel.”

𝟭𝟬. What is your dream collaboration?

I honestly don't know at this point. It's really hard to choose one person. However, I am currently interested in working with Mike Posner. His style seems to be constantly changing, and he is a talented lyricist. Plus, he enjoys hiking just like me.

I also have an odd interest in collaborating with every NAS artist, at the same time. And my every NAS artist, I mean EVERY. It would be a song where every artist gets a one measure feature. I'm being serious about this. If you're interested, hit me up.

Stream "stuck on the inside" now

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You will not be disappointed!

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Ed Eagle
Ed Eagle
Jan 19, 2021

Hall and Oates! I had no idea. Definitely one of my guilty please bands when I was a metalhead kid. Great stuff, Samuel!


Go Desai!


Samuel Desai
Samuel Desai
Jan 15, 2021

thanks guys for featuring me!!!



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