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NAS 10 Questions with Shayan Regan

This time, we get to know Shayan Regan. His track "Past Life" is featured in the New Artist Spotlight Family of Playlists.

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𝟭. Where are you from and what is your hobby?

I'm from the UK and I love me a bit of everything. I like to cook, like to sing and write songs and be able to do all that in peace.

𝟮. How did your get into music?

Grew up with parents being massively into music so I was listening to all kinds of genres and artists when I was younger. From classic rock to folk to jazz, it really fascinated me. Lyrical stuff mostly. Always been a lyrics person. The ability to be able to tell a story in way so casual yet so beautifully (Joni Mitchell, or Damien Rice for example) that you feel every single aspect of it just as much is a rare and a genius quality in my opinion and that's one of the reasons I got into music.

𝟯. Who are your biggest influences?

Damien Rice, Joni Mitchell, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac and a lot more to be honest

4. What are your goals in the music industry?

I just wanna be able to write songs that touch people, make them feel something. I wanna have fun with it, I want people to connect to them. I want to write about things that we all feel as much as I wanna write songs that are for people in my life, or about things that have or are happening in my life. Songs that are personal to me, and also songs that become parts of other people's stories. Someone's first kiss, someone's first dance, someone's road trip favorite or someone's karaoke go-to. I want my songs to be fragments of people's lives in positive and even therapeutic ways. I don't mind being the guy who doesn't top charts or sells big, as long as people listen to my songs and they connect with them. I'm content.

5. If you could choose a location to perform at, what would it be?

I would love to perform at Wembley. The thrill, the place itself and the excitement is just too much and I wanna be able to capture it in my life at least once, so fingers crossed.

6. What is your all-time favorite song?

I don't necessarily have a single all time favourite song but if I had to pick I would say 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon simply because of that unforgettable and hypnotizing verse melody.

7. Most embarrassing moment?

Too many to pick one. But I'd go with one. For the longest time, and I was young so no judgements, I used to think that before color cameras or color TVs or anything color was invented, people also used to see everything in black and white. Only once in my life did I tell someone this, and that was probably one of the most embarrassing times of my life.

8. Proudest accomplishment?

This actually hasn't got anything to do with music but I have a friend of mine who recently has had a son and his middle name has been given to him after my middle name which is Edmund. I know this isn't a proper proud accomplishment per say, but I find it fulfilling.

9. What is something about you that might surprise someone who knows you the best?

I don't really know to be honest, I can juggle? Does that count surprising. Or maybe that I don't like coconut and mostly people do like coconut? I'm a failure at this.

𝟭𝟬. What is your dream collaboration?

I wanna write and record a song with Stevie Nicks. And sorry to be corny, but simply because of the fact that she's Stevie Nicks, no one should need another reason.

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