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NAS 10 Questions with Claude Spalding

This time, we get to know Claude Spalding, a French composer, and artist, inspired by the House, Disco, Disco Funk, Pop Dance rhythms of the 80s/90s. He approaches an atypical sound universe, with influences such as Cerrone and Mickey Oliver.

The track "The Cats Punk" is featured in the New Artist Spotlight Family of Playlists.

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1. Tell us a little about where you are from and what you are currently doing.

I am French, I live in Normandy on the land of my ancestors. For the record, I am a descendant of Hugues Capet founder of the Capetian dynasty.

My motto would be "Everything is possible, you just have to want it", so throughout my life I have taken up challenges, forcing me to surpass myself. I have always been attracted by non-conventional medicines, and at the age of 33 I started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and went to China to train in TCM universities in Shanghai and Tianjin. I became a practitioner and opened a practice in Normandy.

Music has always had a place in my life, I went to the music conservatory at 15 years old to learn classical guitar, while I was listening to House Music, quite a gap between the two, then I started to frequent a music shop, which brought in imports from the US, and I started to do some mixing at the turntables.

But I had to earn a living, so I went into the car business, I was a salesman, I sold Citroens, Fiat, Range Rovers and Jaguars. Music almost came into my life at that time, when I started a project to buy a nightclub.

At the age of 33, I felt like another life, the fruit of many years of reflection, another look at the place of man, the interdependence between what he lives, what he thinks, and his health. I had many questions and the global approach of Chinese Medicine brought the answers, an understanding of man in his globality, and a form of spirituality that TAO transmits.

I always wanted to be a free man, and I was very happy with the practice of this medicine, then comes the time when you want to do something else again, life is so short, that it is full of experience, and since 2020 it is music!

2. What inspired you to start playing and making music?

The arrival of COVID was the trigger. I found myself with free time and I love challenges and discovering a new universe. I learned a lot because today, the artist wears multiple hats such as producer, manager, press officer, etc. Today, producing music is very easy, provided you are creative, as this is what will give you your identity.

The music industry has completely changed. To begin with, you can be alone with your keyboard, without even having any knowledge of music theory, although it does help in the creation of a piece.

I learned that 90% of artists on Spotify don't exceed 80 monthly listeners, so when you exceed 1000, you're already very happy to be part of the 10%! As for me, I don't have any particular ambition. I make music for my own pleasure, and if I manage to share it and create an emotion, it's the icing on the cake. I take feedback into account, and it helps me improve my production.

𝟯. Who are your biggest influences?

My music is inspired by the 80s/90s with House Music and Disco. I remain very Old School in the creation of my tracks and I love to rediscover the sounds of the 80s, as it is what made me dance. I enjoy listening to 33 RPM vinyl records, such as Jellybean and Elisa Fiorillo, Mickey Oliver, Grand Piano, Nicky Q, not to mention Cerrone, and many others.

4. What are your goals in the music industry?

As I mentioned in a previous response, I don't have any particular ambition. I am humble, and the essential thing is the pleasure of creating. The day I no longer have that pleasure, I will stop making music. Now, if I have a little success, I will be very happy. I am starting to work on a live project, but it's not for now. Promoting it takes a lot of time. I was offered a label, but I didn't see any real benefit in it, at least not in what they were offering me. The music industry is a bit like an aquarium, where the artist is the goldfish in a world full of piranhas.

5. Tell us about your creative process when you make new music.

I start by creating my melody line, with the drums and bass, and then inspiration comes. I like to make the comparison with a painter who creates a sketch to start with. For me, it's the same - I need a framework. Then I add touches (instruments), but above all, I am creative. My music is inspired by my life, my experiences. AYAHUASCA is a spiritual vision, an experience that transformed my life.

Human beings are here on earth to experiment and must learn to know their own nature. It was written on a temple in Delphi, "Know thyself, and thou shalt know the universe and the gods." Indeed, humans have keys within themselves that are only revealed when they seek within. Ayahuasca is the opening to another world, between the lower and upper worlds. Each of us walks between the two, sometimes under the influence of the lower world and sometimes, if we are a spiritual being, under the influence of the upper world - the world of the shamans.

6. What is your all-time favorite song?

It's very difficult to answer this question because music accompanies us throughout our lives, and certain songs come to mark particular moments. Sometimes, music can bring you to tears, while other times it can make you dance and fill you with joy. There are songs that remind you of specific memories, happy or sad moments in your life. Everyone has their own musical preferences, but I believe that music has the ability to touch people in a universal way. It can transcend linguistic and cultural barriers, and connect us to a common emotion or experience. For me, music is a universal language that can evoke deep feelings and emotions in us, even if we don't always understand the lyrics or the cultural origins of the music. That's why it's so important in our lives and can have such a powerful impact on our mood and state of mind.

7. What is the best advice you have either given or received in terms of music?

I will talk about a recent message regarding my track "Spalding Identity", which appreciated the melodic and melodious aspect of the track. The message ended with "excellent work, keep it up!" It is, of course, very pleasing to receive such positive feedback! I take this opportunity to thank Saïid Zeidan! Thank you to him.

8. Proudest accomplishment?

A tricky question indeed!!! An artist will always tell you about their latest track! "Afrika" is coming out on May 5th, and I have to admit that I was emotional when I first heard the finished product. Another one of my tracks is called "T'es Watt?" which is a kind of questioning, asking whether or not someone is into music. It's a bit offbeat! And finally, my first track "Princess Voice" holds a special place in my heart because it was my first and it also happened to be my first music video. I had a lot of fun putting it out there.

9. Just for fun! What's been your most embarrassing moment so far?

Sometimes the challenge of working alone can be difficult, but on the other hand, I am a solitary person who enjoys my tranquility. I like to take my time and live in the moment. I am like the wise man sitting by the river, observing the world and watching others struggle and exhaust themselves swimming against the current. I take the time to observe and reflect on life. Not everyone is able to stop and understand that it is better to go with the flow of life, like a reed that follows the movement of the wind and does not resist it.

𝟭0. Tell us about your lowest and highest points in music so far.

I would say that the highest points are yet to come. Let's be modest, I am still learning, but I would love to meet professionals in the industry. The world of the studio interests me a lot, I have a thirst for learning and I am curious in the right sense of the word, curious to learn! I am considering knocking on the door of a studio to work on a future project and take the track to the next level. That would be really great! I have faith in life, opportunities come when they need to, we just need to be attentive and seize the moment.

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Synthetik Blonde
Synthetik Blonde
Jun 24, 2023

Resonated with so much of your thoughts especially your opener: everything is possible you just have to want it! I like you found extra time to finally go for it during the great pause- one of the beautiful things that came from this historic time. I had no idea only 10% of artists exceed 80 monthly listeners- that's crazy! And funny I can totally see you as a car salesman!

I look forward to hearing and seeing more of you on this great journey!


Liz James
Liz James
Jun 21, 2023

Really digging this track Claude Spalding! So catchy! Great 10


Jun 21, 2023

Love this artist's down to earth personality and thoughtfulness. I find it remarkable just how much great music was a product of the impact of COVID. When we are pushed and challenged, it's amazing how much of our artistic inspiration and expression surfaces.


William Lovitt
William Lovitt
Jun 21, 2023

Great to get to know Claude Spalding and to learn more about his music and life experiences. I found myself relating so well to how Covid got his current music endeavors going and how important the creative process is to his music. As his journey continues, I look forward to all the music by Claude yet to come 😎


Radio Therapy
Radio Therapy
Jun 21, 2023

This was a great read. I appreciate the detailed answer. Would also like to hear more about the AYAHUASCA experience.



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