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NAS 10 Questions with Boy Hanzy

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

This time, we get to know Boy Hanzy, AKA Usman Yahyah an artist from Nigeria, the origin country of Afrobeat and Afrobeats. His kind of sound is a fusion of Afrobeats with hip-hop, R&B, and Pop music. His versatile skills enable him to blend other genres with his sound to create aesthetic effects on his music.

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1. Tell us a little about where you are from and what you are currently doing.

I’m From Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria which is the origin country of Afrobeats.

I’m currently working on my debut E.P which is set to release this February.

2. What inspired you to start playing and making music?

My father was a music lover (May God rest his soul). I grew up listening to different genres from around the world in his speakers which in turn influenced me to start writing my own songs. So when you listen to my music you get to enjoy both past, present, and future sounds in every piece.

The likes of Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Fela Anikulapo, Wasiu Ayinde, TJ Bala, Oriental Brothers, Lucky Dube, Micheal Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, and the wailers.

𝟯. Who are your biggest influences?

Traditional African musicians because of the various musical instruments and culture embedded in their music.

4. What are your goals in the music industry?

To reach a wider audience and influence the coming generation as I have been influenced. To tour the world. To be remembered in history as far as Time exists.

5. Tell us about your creative process when you make new music.

I enjoy making music in a serene environment and the required mood for each song. Preferably alone, except when other musicians or producers are required.

6. What is your all-time favorite song?

Motherland by Sound Sultan. It’s beautiful music which talks about the beauty of Africa and how important it is to remember ‘home’ no matter where you go around the world.

7. What is the best advice you have either given or received in terms of music?

Don’t force the music. Let it come naturally to you. When you force the music you experienced difficulties enjoying the creative process and when you don’t enjoy your own music how do you expect listeners to enjoy them?

8. Proudest accomplishment?

Being able to create music.

Where I’m from, at least growing up, it is difficult being able to record or make songs due to the expensive nature of making music. You have to go into other means of getting enough money to be able to. So when you are finally making the music and it’s being appreciated, you become fulfilled and proud.

9. Just for fun! What's been your most embarrassing moment so far?

Poorly dressed for an A-list event I was supposed to perform.

I was supposed to perform at this event in a different state from mine but the stylist that was supposed to provide my dress couldn’t make it to the venue on time.

𝟭0. Tell us about your lowest and highest points in music so far.

The lowest point is not being able to make music when I want to due to a lack of resources.

The highest point is being considered awesome by icons in the music industry.

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Liz James
Liz James
Apr 02, 2023

Such an awesome track and was great getting to know more about you Hanzy!


Hayes Elizmi Mia
Hayes Elizmi Mia
Mar 30, 2023

Love your tracks Boy Hanzy, and its so nice to find out about the man too great 10 questions


Mar 29, 2023

I rock with you Boy Hanzy!! Afrobeat rocks.. Nice to hear your story. The sky is just a stepping stone. #



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