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This is the BUSINESS!!


So pleased I reached out to New Artist Spotlight - it seemed too good to be true, but I was so wrong! So many of my streams come from this and it is all so simple and easy to understand. Bravo Ed!

Christine Nguyen

The only way to go. Seriously. My streams have really shot up since joining them, and I've been interviewed by the team too!

Mr. Oddzo

The NAS family has been an extremely helpful and integral part of the whole process of putting my music out and be heard by a variety of audiences. I started with getting my very first release on the playlist and I’ve seen how the playlist kept growing right from the beginning. Now we’re a global community of artists from all over! Being a team moderator and hosting the NAS Podcast has been an added bonus. Absolute game-changer and I cannot be more thankful for the people at NAS!

Maaya Mattoo

Amazing place to be! I had started with hardly any streams and thanks to NAS I have been growing massively every day with all that exposure and my streams rising. I got picked by Spotify editor for one of their major playlists!
Thank you Ed and the whole team.

Raven Paradox

Such a great community of artists!
I joined New Artist Spotlight after stumbling upon them on internet and it has been an amazing experience! People are so supportive of each other and the best part of it is the fact that nobody is doing this for money, it is purely for the love of music...
After 3 months of being part of NAS, I got placed on the official editorial New Music Friday Turkey Spotify playlist with my latest release and I could have never imagined that this would happen one day!
Thank you Ed and Team for the amazing work!

Ogan Cihan Öcal

I truly never imagined I could get so many streams regularly, and completely free! Ed and his team are amazing!

Charles Connolly


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