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The Best Independent Rock and Blues Artists to Follow in 2024

As the perpetual heartbeat of rebellion and unfiltered expression, the independent rock and blues artists have forever thrived on the outskirts of mainstream conformity. Unfettered by the constraints of major labels and mainstream trends independent artists continue to forge their own paths.

In this age of streaming platforms and social media, these boundary-pushers have found unprecedented opportunities to share their craft with the world. Their music resonates with raw emotion, storytelling, and a rebellious spirit that refuses to be contained!

Join me as we uncover the sonic tapestry of 2024's most compelling independent rock and blues artists. Together, let us celebrate their defiance, their innovation, and their unwavering commitment to the relentless pursuit of musical excellence.

The Best New Rock and Blues

The Best Independent Rock and Blues Artists to Follow in 2024

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Forge Hounds

Forge Hounds - The Best Independent Rock and Blues Artists to Follow in 2024

Forge Hounds, a thrilling Irish hard rock band, draws inspiration from Classic Rock legends like Thin Lizzy and ZZ Top, infused with punky vibes from The Undertones and Hanoi Rocks. Their mature, gut-punching sound resonates fiercely. Their debut single "Damned If You Don’t" topped Independent Music Charts globally, hitting Number 1 in the USA's Underground Music Charts. Follow-up tracks "Not The One" and "Redcoat" continued the chart-topping trend. "Sun Kissed Sky" currently holds the 7th spot in the USA's Underground Music Charts and previously reigned for 3 weeks atop Brazil's Geografia Rock Charts.


Forrest of Fanghorn

Forrest of Fanghorn - The Best Independent Rock and Blues Artists to Follow in 2024

"Speak, friend and enter!" As we enter the musical world of Forrest of FangHorn. Join our musical leader, Dale Mangold and his fellow musical Ents and enjoy an eclectic mix of funk rock jazz hip hop and r b music. From Middle Earth to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to various regions of the world.

Guaranteed to get your groove on in the most funkiest of ways.


Velvet Blitz

Velvet Blitz - The Best Independent Rock and Blues Artists to Follow in 2024


Velvet Blitz is a Hard Rock band with punk flavours and a dash of funky and bluesy sensibilities. Their debut album, Blitzkrieg! was released on June 16, 2021. It has 10 original songs with their popular single, 'Do That Thing' - a funky rock song with bluesy touch to it.

Their boldest move was releasing a live album called, Velvet Blitz Live! It was recorded while performing at Raffy's Cafe, Winnipeg last December 3, 2023

Currently, they have 2 new singles like No Man and Hit the Floor and it will be included in their upcoming 2nd album.



bigbaldben - The Best Independent Rock and Blues Artists to Follow in 2024

Lead singer for an American post-grunge rock band in the mid-1990s, Ben continued writing and recording demos until the early 2000s, when he and his wife started a family.

Now with two older teens and a life full of experience to draw from, bigbaldben is back making music he loves. A one man operation from central Pennsylvania, Ben plays guitars, bass, piano and programs drums, sometimes welcoming the help of friends and fellow artists.

Influenced by Alice In Chains, Galactic Cowboys and King's X, Ben's music is a hybrid of heavy rock, grunge and metal mixed with two- and three-part vocal harmonies that are strange but inviting.

Lyrically, Ben is emotional and personal, often allowing the listener room to interpret their own meaning, while sometimes opting for a very direct approach. After moderate success with his debut album "Resurrection" in 2023, Ben is currently writing and recording his second album for release in 2024.


Dead See

Dead See - The Best Independent Rock and Blues Artists to Follow in 2024

DRY EYES is the second studio single from Dead See. Featuring a catching and driving melody, it was composed primarily between Guitarist and Vocalist Mason Davies, and Lead Guitarist Jason Goodard. The lyrics were written by Mason, and they address the stress of forced family relocation and dislocation. The song was recorded in Eugene, OR, USA at House Dark Studio.


Upwood Avenue

Upwood Avenue - The Best Independent Rock and Blues Artists to Follow in 2024

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, this dynamic ensemble brings a unique blend of Rock and Folk to the forefront, capturing the essence of their diverse influences. The band's magnetic energy is palpable, drawing listeners into a world where thought-provoking lyrics intertwine with captivating melodies.

With their roots firmly planted in the rich soil of musical innovation, Upwood Avenue has cultivated a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. The intricacy of their arrangements and the depth of their lyrics reflect a commitment to artistic excellence, making each track a journey of discovery.

As you immerse yourself in the Upwood Avenue experience, be prepared to be moved, inspired, and challenged. Their music is not just a sound; it's a narrative that invites you to question, reflect, and embrace the power of sonic storytelling. Welcome to the world of Upwood Avenue, where every note is a chapter, and every song is an invitation to explore the uncharted realms of musical expression.


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Many thanks to Eleanor Collides and New Artist Spotlight, for including Forge Hounds along with such a great selection of talented acts ... We greatly appreciate your brilliant support


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Whoohoo!!!! Thank you very much NAS!! Thanks Eleanor Collides for this article/review. Let's support Indie Artists/Bands on NAS!

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