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We've cut out the search, confusion and worry

in finding a suitable, affordable and trustworthy

engineer to mix and master your track.

Here, you'll find a selection of some of the greatest mixing and mastering engineers we could lay our hands on, at great prices. We are also confident that you will be hard-pushed to find better at this price.

Speaking of prices, each engineer has outlined their fee below accordingly. We do understand that some prices may seem quite a lot to someone with a very small budget, but they are a fraction of what most professional engineers will charge.

If you feel you have written and recorded a great track, but you just can't get the vocals to pop, the reverb to shine, the bass to rumble, the kick to KICK - or you simply don't have time - you need look no further than our MIXD! engineers.


While NAS has hand-picked these mix/master engineers for their high-quality work, we will have absolutely nothing to do with any financial transactions or any potential disputes arising from them. We’re simply providing a matchmaking service to help our artists make better music and our engineers find new clients. The rest is up to you. Frankly, we’re not responsible and we don’t want to be brought into any disputes. If you are not 100% comfortable with this, please don’t use this page.

* * * * *

What the artists have to say:

"I worked with Saiid and Mike in the past on tracks and both of them are INCREDIBLY talented"


"Charles did an absolutely great job with the track and took it to a whole new level. His attention to detail really stands out and he took the time to discuss and communicate different thoughts and changes as well as seamlessly worked through the small revisions. Overall we are very pleased with his work and will be using him again for sure!"





- NAS contest winner -

Genre specialities: Hip-Hop / R&B, Pop, Rock, Heavy Metal

Hi! My name is Mike - AKA Raven Paradox. I was fortunate to be selected by the NAS judges as the winner of the community’s first mix/master contest. 

I've been in the music industry for a few years, not only producing, but also writing and performing my own music.

Being an active musician myself helps me to understand other artists’ needs and expectations. Let's work together and bring your mix to life! 


• $120-160 mix & master

• $25 mastering only


Green Mountain - Raven Paradox

Free Falling - Raven Paradox


Charles Connolly.jpeg



Pop, Rock, Electronic, Acoustic (I am willing to mix any style - see below)


Having been making music for over 15 years, I have learnt and honed my production and mixing skills through the use of my unusually attentive and observant ears. I am happy to make bold changes but also to attend to such subtleties that could very well be the key to making the song shine with sparkle. Although I have mainly been mixing my own music, I find that I have particular attention to detail when I haven’t heard the song a thousand times. Meaning that I might mix yours better than I mix my own - all good for you! I am happy to mix ANY genre of music even if not in my particular specialties. Because of this, I offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied. Those who know me will know I am a perfectionist, but I can only work with what you give me.


  • $170 mix/master per song (negotiable depending on work) - unlimited stems, revisions and full seamless vocal tuning (manual, not inferior autotune)

  • $60 mastering only

  • Recorded vocals - we can talk… :)

  • Tips and techniques (advice on writing, production, sound and recording): $5-$20



Playlist of songs mixed by Charles Connolly






Electronic Dance / pop / rock / Rap / Hip Hop/ lof fi/ vocal mixing 

SAIID ZEIDAN - an international DJ, producer and artist. He was born and raised in Lebanon where he started DJ'ing at age 16 accumulating his local fan base. As he got older he progressed more and more into music till he started producing his own songs he made his own record label EDM REKORDS at age 28.

Base price for the mix/master of one track 

$150-200 mixing and mastering



Demise - Dark Note

Impact - Dark Note

In My Sleep - Desai

Deep in the Dark - Saiid Zeidan




Genres - All but preferably Pop.


Hi, I'm making music out of my passion and looking forward to knowing and working with artists who share the same goals in this musical journey. I'm mainly a composer/producer and songwriter who thinks he can also sing a little :P I try to be supportive, hence would help you with almost anything if you are collaborating with me and for FREE. Thanks! :)  

Mix - $25

Mix and Master - $35

Also available for concept videos and video editing

Cover art - $5



Set My Heart Ablaze - Oghamyst

I Found You - Oghamyst

I Found You - Oghamyst (video)

Gianna - Oghamyst (video)





Genres: All

I've been playing the guitar for 10 years and since 2019 I've been mixing/mastering and promoting my songs on streaming platforms. 
I am using Ableton Live 11 along with a good arsenal of plugins for mixing and mastering and as a tech savvy person I've watched a lot of tutorials on the subject and applied the tecnhiques on my own songs as well.
Since I've been playing guitar for that long and being self-taught has helped me out with having a good ear when mixing and working on musical content so I would love to work on your music as well!

Master: $50/song
Mix/Master: $100/song
(I can also provide album cover designs along with song promotion upon request)



The Oread Of Cithaeron - TFM [EDM/Ambient/Chillstep]

Narcissus - TFM [EDM/Ambient/Chillstep]

Departure - TFM [Acoustic/Instrumental]




Genres: Hip-Hop/Trap


I have been working on hip-hop music for about 7 years. If you are progressing in this genre, let's work together!

Base price for the mix/master of one track: $50



Yara - Sahi

Fly Like a Bird - Sahi





Genre specialities: Rnb, Hip hop, Rap, Reggaeton, Dancehall and Ballads. 


Artists should put their work in my hands because I individualise each song to fit the artist’s needs and song. I provide industry quality sound with industry standard equipment and plugins. 

No two songs are the same, each vocal track is different. 

My mix starts at $50

Mix and Mastering $70



Gridlock - Amber TheGemini

Go Get It - Amber TheGemini

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! - YRF Tony

Karma - La Nota Clasica





Genres: All


I've been making music since I was 12, I've played in many bands and got my first skills with Cubase 5 with learning by doing.

In 2018 I did my apprenticeship as a Diploma Audio Engineer and since then I have been recording and mixing in my band alongside the guitar.

Since last year I have been offering this service for amateur and semi-bands at a fair price.


Mixing a Song with one correction: $100, Mastering $30


Petty Party - Ghosts & Zombies

Came To Win - Graham Cochrane and Ill Factor

Schlechter Tag - Fin The Chaef






Electronic, Pop, Rock, Folk.


My day job is a live audio engineer, so I spend my days listening, mixing, working on getting a performance sounding as great as possible. Lately, gigs haven’t really been a thing, so I’ve moved my skills into the studio. I’ve produced, mixed and mastered my own songs for close to a decade, and care greatly for music, and developing a song into its most perfect form. I would love to be involved in as much music as possible, and would be thrilled to take on some projects from the NAS family.


  • $150 Mix + $50 Master

  • $75 Master Only

  • Production work available (pricing on request)

  • Also available for audio editing mixing for film, TV, podcasts etc.



Wake - Co Loom

Make It Better - Losol, Stax Osset





Genres: Indie Rock, Rock, Pop Rock


I am an Indie Rocker from just outside London in the UK. I mostly write, record and produce Indie Rock music myself but have also done heavier Rock tracks along with Pop too. I can help guide a song towards completion or subtly improve on your mix and master to help it reach that next level and stand out amongst the crowd! Let me know if you're interested and I'm sure we can work something out.

$70 mix/master



Rewind - Harry Devereux

Stone Cold Heart - Harry Devereux

A Short Story of Moving On - Flares

Bear Claws - Flares




Genre specialty

Progressive/Genre blending tracks


My main motivation to offer my services is to get better at mixing/mastering and to obtain new knowledge with every track. I am not afraid of re-recording instruments or adding new elements, if your song needs it to work as a whole piece. My musical background goes back 15 years, I have played as a guitarist and keyboardist in multiple bands, released a full length progressive metal album and produced various solo project singles in genres like Fusion, Chillhop and Synthwave.


Base price for the mix/master of one track

$100 including 2 Feedback Loops.


Steeldrum Eclipse - Marc Schmieder

Apache Lateflip - Marc Schmieder



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